Asus N56VZ Driver Download

 Asus N56VZ Driver Download

Asus N56VZ Driver Download

Asus N56VZ Driver Download, Price and Reviews– Under the sleek exterior of the N56V, he placed a sleeping beast; a beast with a roar of all others in which they were previously. This beast is a Core i7-3720QM processor Intel new few. 6GHz processor, the list of the next generation of CPU core chip giant.

Fill in the code name Ivy, new uses of technologies that characterize 22nm Intel, which causes about 20 percent more efficient processor, while at the same time using 20 percent less energy than its average sandy bridge (second generation) comparable. Intel describes the generation of the rebound as the “fastest ramp ever.” In addition, having lived with all the Asus N56V, we will not disagree.

In the terminology of the efficiency of the user, this means new equipment load incredibly quickly and the result sometimes, reading unfiltered HI-DEF video, photo editing seamlessly and in many cases high frame rate games.

The game action is facilitated by the inclusion of Intel HD 4000 graphics quality superior and also, more importantly, because the Asus N56V can be graphic GeForce GT 630M dedicated packing Nvidia GPU.

In addition, it means a much greater autonomy. Although not even close the best score we’ve ever recorded for our stress test of intensive battery – just over three different times – it is a life expectancy of more than four hours in a real world situation, a device adjacent to a “desktop replacement” is more appropriate.

The real nice chip Asus pre-production model may be the i7-3720QM. And “any monster quad-core that runs at 6GHz 2. (about 3. 0 2. 4GHz using integrated Intel Turbo technology Increase) with eight sons a whole. This allows each core to process two tasks at once.

As already said, the Asus N56V that each of us has his feet was an early model, although the development that the supplier does not tinker with the design and construction of all excessive. Indeed, in addition to being an absolute giant in performance and power, the N56V is often a nice looking device that escapes the sweetness held in.

The cover of metal brushed aluminum alloy, with a bright logo Asus, it opens to expose a separate spacious keyboard with the black body with a numeric keypad cut down, sitting with a silver panel. Around the shiny metal power button, and the next sound control is sprayed circle design where jewel firmly pointed toward the Asus Transformer Prime and selection company Zenbook Ultrabook. In short, it looks cool.

The trackpad is particularly large, even without all the separate physical buttons. However, it is a clear indicator that separates the right and left of the particular “click around” view seems natural to be only a short period of use. multitouch actions such as scrolling in addition to pinch the development, are strengthened.

The keyboard, as well as being practical, can be incredibly comfortable to type on, with a soft resistance MacBook-rescue strumming that makes for a very long friendly. The matte screen is N56V 15. 6 inches and has a resolution of 1080p HI-DEF.

And the power of the laptop computer, which easily breaks through the visual richness of HD movies and games, crisp images and watch aspect angles are great too. The text may seem small, with all the native resolution, but often there is an opportunity with regard to the increase in the default font.

Asus N56VZ Driver Download

Support for Os:

  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Windows 8.1 64bit
  • Windows 8.1 32 bit
  • Windows 8 64 bit
  • Windows 8 32bit


Asus N56VZ Driver Download For Windows

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