ASUS G551VW Driver Download

ASUS G551VW Driver Download

ASUS G551VW Driver Download

ASUS G551VW Driver Download and Reviews–¬†Asus GL552VW performs well and runs cool and quiet in almost every situation. IPS screen at the upper end of this configuration is also pleased to see. On the other hand, design-build and especially the quality is a step backward when compared with the older G-series 15-inches, or competitions that are available today, plus keyboard and trackpad need to breathe fresh air.

Asus has a long history in this segment with N-series and later on notebook series G. The GL552VW is one of their latest releases at the time of this article, bundling matte IPS display, quad-core processor Skylake, dual storage options and Nvidia GTX 960m graphic. So at least on paper, this looks like a great buy, but to keep in mind this is a bit thick and heavy machinery, so it is not an ultraportable.

Asus shipped in pre-production sample for us to have a look, and after spending hours with it in the last week, I left with mixed feelings. You will see exactly why in the following paragraphs or if you want a faster version, of the included video review.

Before we begin our analysis, though, you should know that Asus plans to offer GL552VW in two versions, one with plastic lids, which we tested here, and the other with a more premium aluminum hood. That’s important, because the entire screen ensemble is flexible and weak on the plastic version, so if the metal options available in your area, that’s what I would choose. Of course. I do not forget that we are dealing with a pre-production unit here, but GL552VW use the same barebones with GL552JX launched in the spring, which, guess what, it also suffered from a weak screen.

Now, I can not say for sure how much difference a thin sheet of aluminum will make, but I at least expect better built. And when you buy a computer department and planned to remain for several years, reliability and build quality should be an important criterion in your list.

First of all, you must know the GL552 is not very portable or thin 15-inches, because it weighs about 2.57 kilograms, or 5.7 pounds, and about 34 mm thick, but at least it is quite compact and particularly shorter than most other notebooks in its class as you can tell from the narrow bezel around the screen.

The main competitor is slightly lighter (within 0.5 lbs) and some of those ways are thinner, and the list of competitors includes devices such as Lenovo Y50, MSI GE62 Apache or Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black-Edition, with similar specs and price tag.

Content How to install.

  1. Make sure the first hardware drivers are not installed by going Start> right click Computer> select Properties> System window appears> select device, manager.
  2. Note hardware driver is not installed? If there is please insert your driver CD into your computer or laptop DVDROM, example VGA card has not been installed.
  3. Look for VGA folder on your driver CD through windows explorer
  4. Find the file named setup.exe or a file with the extension.exe (application).
  5. Click twice (double click) the file follows the next steps to click next and the next until the installation process occurs.
  6. Once completed normally ask for a computer or laptop at the restart, restart it. Perform the next driver installation.

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Windows 8.1 64 bit
  • Windows 8.1 32 bit
  • Windows 8 64 bit
  • Windows 8 32 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Windows 7 32 bit

ASUS G551VW For Windows 10 X64

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